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Instagram Threads hits 100 million users in five days

Instagram’s text-based app Threads reached 100 million sign-ups in five days. Trackers say the Twitter competitor launched on June 6 (June 5 in the Americas).

On the first day, Mark Zuckerberg said the app had 2 million sign-ups in two hours, 5 million in four, and 10 million in seven. Meta’s CEO reported 30 million signups for the new app the following morning. Threads has grown despite not launching in the EU due to privacy concerns.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot was one of the fastest-growing consumer products, reaching 10 million daily users in 40 days and 100 million monthly users in nearly two months. Threads has 100 million monthly active users in its first month. Keeping users on the platform will be difficult.

Meta’s new text-focused social platform is popular, but it lacks some features. The app does not support ActivityPub, the decentralized network posting protocol. The app will not be part of the Fediverse until Meta integrates it.

The app has a read-only web interface, no post search, direct messages, hashtags, or “Following” feed. Instagram bans nudity, but Bluesky, a Twitter alternative, allows it.

Reaching 100 million users so quickly is impressive. Threads appears to be staying.

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