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In December, Instagram Threads experienced a significant surge in downloads, propelling it to the top 10 charts. Meanwhile, X dropped to the 36th position

Instagram Threads has managed to regain momentum after experiencing a period of stagnation last year, causing some to question its viability. However, recent developments have put those concerns to rest. Recent data reveals a different story altogether. Threads is defying expectations and experiencing remarkable growth. In December alone, its downloads …

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According to the contents of the Meta conference, before the end of the year, you will be able to follow Mastodon users using Threads

Threads has unveiled its roadmap for integrating with the Fediverse, a network of decentralized apps that includes Mastodon and other alternatives to Twitter. In a recent blog post, Tom Coates, the co-founder of the decentralized app Planetary, shares the insights from a meeting held at Meta’s offices in December. During …

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Mobile apps from Threads make profile switching easy

Meta-owned Twitter rival Threads now allows account switching without logging out. The social networking app announced Thursday that users can swap accounts on its mobile apps by long pressing the bottom right profile icon. After the long press, tap “Add profile” to create a new profile. Switching between work and …

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Bluesky reaches 1 million users

One of the most popular post-Twitter apps reached a milestone on Tuesday. Bluesky strategy and operations manager Rose Wang posted a screenshot on X, formerly Twitter. The X competitor famously only allowed app access through a waitlist and user invitations, keeping the platform’s population small as it scaled. https://x.com/iamrosewang/status/1701735196679356887?s=20 Bluesky …

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Threads won’t be fun, but brands can escape Twitter with them

Twitter may never return. Twitter, the preeminent Twitter of its time, offered a lively, often incoherent mix of paradigm-shifting cultural phenomena (Arab Spring, the Me Too movement, Black Twitter), breaking news, corporate existentialist brand building, tweet-addled U.S. presidents, and hardcore porn. Meta’s Twitter clone Threads just launched, giving us options—maybe …

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