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Huawei potentially working on a curved display phone

We’re still not certain curved dual-edged displays will become a thing. But companies are definitely giving it a go following the success of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. According to PhoneArena, Samsung is giving Huawei a hand in building its own curved-display smartphone. By giving a hand, we mean giving Huawei it’s own curved AMOLED display. Huawei hasn’t dabbled with curved displays yet, and in fact, the company has never even built a phone with a QHD resolution, the highest it aimed for being 1920x1080p. Huawei’s stance on the matter was that the increase in resolution did not offer a significant enough visibility increase to warrant a loss in computing and battery life.

Weather or not this is true remains highly debatable, however, Huawei is now ready to enter the QHD market. According to leaks, the company will use Samsung’s curved displays to build its own QHD flagship, a phone which it aims to reveal and release in the first half of 2016. This means it’s going to go head to head against most competitors, and since we’re expecting many more manufacturers to join the trend of curved displays, competition will indeed be rough.

Time will tell if Huawei’s plans of mass-producing and investing heavily into curved displays will pay off or not, but LG, Apple, HTC and other industry leaders are most likely going to join the fray, battling it out in all sorts of curvy designs next year, so we’re glad to see Huawei taking some initiative.

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