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Didn’t the iPad Pro kill the iPad Air 3? Some say no.

When Apple introduced the public to the new iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Apple Pencil, Apple TV and the Smart Keyboard at the September 9 event in California, most people were content and thought that the company is done with releases for the year. Apparently not, as rumors about an iPad Air 3 being in production have emerged.

The iPad Air 3 was thought to be replaced by the iPad Pro, as the new 13-inch slate came in as a device that lays between the iPad Air 2 and MacBook. Releasing an iPad Air 3 right after introducing another high-end, expensive slate doesn’t sound like a very good strategy, but people have begun talking about the iPad Air 3 as a real thing already.

Even though Apple hasn’t said anything about the iPad Air 3, people seem to believe it’s still happening. To me, it doesn’t make sense: the iPad Pro is in fact, an iPad Air 3 if you think about it, as it’s huge, lightweight, thin, portable and high-end. Why would Apple release yet another slate,  with the same specs, for the same ridiculously expensive price? Would people still buy it in the face of the iPad Pro? Or could the iPad Air 3 be the cheaper version of the powerhouse? That’s just as unlikely, we have the new iPad Mini 4 for that.

That being said, I wouldn’t bet on an iPad Air 3 right now, as I don’t think Apple is even considering it. Most analysts as well as company insiders are convinced that the iPad Pro is meant to replace the Air and all other possible large tablets that the company was thought to be releasing this Summer. Since Apple works in mysterious ways and still manages to remain the most profitable company of the world, anything is possible.

With that in mind, let’s see what people are saying about the iPad Air 3, although I advise you guys to take it with a grain of salt. First off, one of the rumored features of the iPad Air 3 and the reason why the rumor mill started spinning again is IP certification. Apparently, Apple is going  to release a waterproof tablet this year or in Spring of 2016, to target the customers that Samsung lost.

More rumored features of the tablet that probably isn’t coming include a 9.7-inch 4K display, which is outrageous, an Apple A10 chipset (which hasn’t even entered production yet), 3 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. A silencer button and 3D Touch are also features some people expect to see from Apple.

Do you think Apple is releasing yet another tablet or do you think the iPad Air 3 is just a fantasy from those that don’t like the iPad Pro? Let us know your thoughts below! While we don’t think these rumors are true, it is interesting to notice that people are never satisfied and always want more, even if it means spending a lot more money.

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