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In December, Instagram Threads experienced a significant surge in downloads, propelling it to the top 10 charts. Meanwhile, X dropped to the 36th position

Instagram Threads has managed to regain momentum after experiencing a period of stagnation last year, causing some to question its viability. However, recent developments have put those concerns to rest. Recent data reveals a different story altogether. Threads is defying expectations and experiencing remarkable growth. In December alone, its downloads tripled compared to the previous month. This outstanding performance earned Threads a spot in the coveted top 10 most-downloaded apps across both the App Store and Google Play.

In December 2023, Threads managed to rack up an impressive 12 million new downloads, securing its place at No. 4 in the Top Charts for downloads on Apple’s App Store. This is quite an achievement for the app, showcasing its popularity among users. With an impressive 16 million downloads on Google Play, this game claimed the coveted No. 8 spot. It ranked as the sixth-most-installed app across both stores. Still alive and kicking, in other words.

Threads had an incredibly impressive launch, with a staggering 100 million registered users in just five days. Unfortunately, the app experienced a significant drop in daily downloads from September to the end of the year. However, in December, Threads saw a resurgence in growth, which may have been due to Meta’s Facebook advertising campaigns showcasing Threads’ well-liked posts. According to one tracker, there are approximately 160 million users of Threads today. It appears that there has been an increase in active users since Meta’s previous update to the app. In October, the company reported that Threads had less than 100 million monthly active users. Meta is scheduled to release its upcoming earnings report on February 1st.

The app seems to be reaping the rewards of its expansion into the “fediverse”—the interconnected network of servers that communicate through the ActivityPub protocol, similar to Mastodon. Threads’ integration with ActivityPub has been progressing at a sluggish pace. However, the potential for users to connect with a substantial community, particularly those who have migrated from Twitter, could have greatly benefited Threads’ reputation and popularity.

Furthermore, Threads has just unveiled an exciting new feature: an endpoint that enables developers to seamlessly integrate their third-party apps and websites with the Threads composer. This dynamic URL functionality adds a whole new level of convenience and flexibility for users. As an avid gamer, I must say that there is a new website that allows users to generate threads, share links, and earn profile badges. It’s quite an interesting addition to the gaming community. Shareaholic, a marketing tool provider, has recently introduced Threads Share buttons for websites, catering to both desktop and mobile sites.

The recent surge of attention surrounding Threads has undoubtedly contributed to its rise in the app rankings. However, it’s worth noting that the significant increase in downloads may also be attributed to some artificial boosts from Meta itself, considering its vast reach.
Despite its popularity, Threads fell just short of cracking the top 5 apps by downloads last month. However, its parent company managed to secure a spot in the coveted top rankings.

Instagram claimed the top spot in December as the most downloaded app, with a whopping 54 million installs from the App Store and Google Play. This impressive feat allowed Instagram to surpass TikTok and secure the coveted first-place position. This might indicate that users are growing dissatisfied with TikTok’s foray into e-commerce, which has turned the video app into a platform that is heavily reliant on influencers and resembles QVC. TikTok is still a very popular app, despite recent indications that its growth may be slowing down. Some users are worried that the overall user experience has suffered as a result of the launch of TikTok Shop.

It appears that Instagram’s Reels, a potential rival to TikTok, may now be reaping the rewards of the recent backlash.

Regarding Threads’ direct competitor, X, the company formerly known as Twitter is still experiencing the consequences of its rebranding. Despite adding “formerly Twitter” to its App Store listing in September to secure a higher ranking in search results for its previous name, X is still grappling with the effects.

In December, the app garnered a modest 8.5 million installs, according to Appfigures as reported by . With impressive download numbers on both the App Store and Google Play, this app has secured its spot among the top-ranking apps. According to the data, it seems that this app falls significantly behind other popular social networking apps and even productivity apps such as Zoom.

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