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The studio’s latest venture in the world of online education for musicians incorporates cutting-edge AI technology to deliver personalized curriculums

Today, Studio’s rival, Masterclass, unveiled its inaugural online school for musicians, songwriters, and producers. This innovative platform allows aspiring artists to learn from industry-leading professionals, collaborate with fellow creatives, and receive valuable feedback on their work. Additionally, Studio’s AI coach provides personalized schedules and deadlines to ensure students stay focused and motivated. It’s an exciting opportunity for aspiring musicians to hone their craft and take their skills to the next level.

The waitlist has finally opened, commencing today. The studio provides users with two pricing options: a monthly subscription for $199 or an annual subscription for $1,799.

Studio’s Music School offers a vast collection of lessons taught by a diverse group of over 110 renowned artists and instructors. Some of the notable names include Charlie Puth, Kygo, H.E.R., Idina Menzel, Pentatonix, Ryan Tedder (lead singer of OneRepublic), Alexander 23, Tainy, Chelsea Cutler, Jonas Blue, Shane McAnally, and Louis Bell, to name a few.

With a vast selection of over 100 topics to explore, you’ll find everything from vocal production and songwriting to music business and sound design. Dive into the depths of music theory or discover the art of cover songs and musical theater. And if genres are your thing, we’ve got you covered with options like alternative, classical, country, EDM, folk, hip-hop, indie pop, lo-fi, metal, R&B, and many more.

The online accelerator boasts an impressive AI-powered coach that utilizes OpenAI’s cutting-edge GPT-4 technology. This coach is designed to provide individuals with personalized curriculums on a monthly basis, tailored to their unique interests, specific goals, preferred learning style, and level of experience. The curriculum can be tailored to accommodate a student’s individual schedule and level of commitment. This means that even if they have a vacation planned, the AI coach will make sure they continue to make progress. Students have the option to allocate a specific number of hours towards their lessons.

Upon completion of the program, students will be equipped with their very own custom-built projects. After an intensive month of hard work and dedication, they will proudly walk away with a polished, release-ready song.

Two unique frameworks that address the main GPT-4 limitations in terms of educational design enhance the AI coach. These frameworks focus on long-term planning, pacing, sequencing, and effective personalization, as explained by co-founder Max Deutsch. GPT-4 faces significant challenges when it comes to educational design in creative fields such as music. This is primarily due to the absence of clear-cut “correct answers” at every stage of the process.

The frameworks utilize Studio’s extensive library of video lessons, the knowledge of Studio’s curriculum design team, and a wealth of student data to identify the most effective lessons, projects, and peer collaborations for various types of learners.

“The integration of GPT-4 and these frameworks enables us to create exceptionally effective, engaging, and personalized curriculums for our students. We can proactively and efficiently update these plans as students advance, ensuring they stay motivated and on the right path,” Deutsch emphasized.

Finally, an algorithm is in place to pair students with a peer group of 20 individuals who share similar preferences. This allows students to receive weekly feedback from individuals who possess a deep understanding of the same subjects.

Studio’s Music School is specifically tailored for individuals who already possess a solid foundation in music and are seeking to further refine their skills. It is not intended for beginners aspiring to pursue a career in the music industry. According to Studio, it’s not necessary to have any specific equipment to join their classes. However, they do mention that many participants already have their own music software, or DAW (Digital Audio Workstations), and microphones for recording music.

According to Deutsch, the online course platform has exciting plans for the future. They will be launching additional AI-powered schools later this year, with a focus on diverse areas such as writing, filmmaking, and design.

In 2017, Studio was established with a focus on catering to the needs of creatives, addressing a void in the realm of creative education where certain subjects such as music, performing arts, and baking often go unnoticed. The company has expanded its reach, providing classes to an impressive number of over 1 million students.

The studio has managed to secure an impressive $60 million in funding from a diverse group of investors. This includes notable names such as Forerunner Ventures, Human Capital, Greenoaks Capital, Floodgate, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo, Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia, LinkedIn chairman Jeff Weiner, Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, StitchFix founder Katrina Lake, Yelp founder Jeremy Stoppelman, Intuit founder Scott Cook, Zillow founder Spencer Rascoff, and many others.

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