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TweetDeck suffers from Musk’s Twitter read limits

Elon Musk limited daily tweet reading over the weekend to prevent data scraping. This measure has affected all Twitter users, but TweetDeck users are reporting major issues, including notifications and columns not loading.

Musk initially limited verified users to 6,000 daily posts and unverified users to 600. He raised these limits to 10,000 and 1,000 tweets hours later. TweetDeck may amplify read restrictions because it loads multiple tweets in multiple columns at once.

Engineer Molly White found that most TweetDeck calls return multiple errors after a few minutes.

Many users reported issues with notifications, mentions, and likes, but their home timeline loads.

TweetDeck’s future
In June 2022, TweetDeck officially shut down its Mac app. Twitter announced it was testing a new TweetDeck web app in select regions. Despite rumors that the new management would make TweetDeck a paid feature, we haven’t heard anything about its future.

Twitter restricted non-logged-in tweet viewing last week. The company appears to be blocking data scraping by AI model trainers. Musk called this a “temporary emergency measure” because Twitter was “data pillaged,” affecting user experience. Musk’s actions have also hurt the user experience, as platform users, including “verified” ones, are hitting rate limits quickly.

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