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BigQuery Studio is a new data-working tool from Google

Data mining for insights is becoming more valuable to companies. According to NewVantage, 97.6% of global corporations are investing in big data and AI.

Big data analytics faces obstacles. A recent poll found that 65% of organizations have “too much” data to analyze.

Google’s BigQuery Studio, a new service within its fully managed serverless data warehouse, allows users to edit SQL, Python, and Spark to run analytics and machine learning workloads at “petabyte scale.”

This week, BigQuery Studio is in preview.

“BigQuery Studio is a new experience that really puts people working on data on the one side and people working on AI on the other side in a common environment,” Gerrit Kazmaier, VP and GM of data and analytics at Google, told . It provides access to all the services those people need to work, simplifying the user experience.

BigQuery Studio lets users discover, analyze, and predict data. Users can validate and prep data in a programming notebook, then open it in other services like Vertex AI, Google’s managed machine learning platform, to use more advanced AI infrastructure and tooling.

Kazmaier says BigQuery Studio lets teams access data where they work. They added “enterprise-level” governance, regulation, and compliance controls.

“BigQuery Studio shows] how data is generated, processed, and used in AI models, which sounds technical but is really important,” he said. You can push machine learning model code directly into BigQuery as infrastructure to evaluate it at scale.

BigQuery Studio follows Google’s strategy to move AI-adopting companies to the cloud. One estimate predicts that global public cloud spending will grow 21% to $592 billion this year, and the tech giant and its rivals are determined to capture as much of it as possible.

Not an uninformed strategy. AI will be a top workload driving IT infrastructure decisions by 2023, according to Gartner. Tractica predicts that 50% of public cloud services revenue will come from AI by 2025.

“Generative AI really has the potential to unlock all of these hidden insights,” Kazmaier said. We find that AI works best with [a company’s] data. AI is a method for handling data to maximize value.

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