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ChatGPT-powered AI in Opera GX browser

Aria, powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, launched on Opera in May to simplify web searches, queries, and coding. Aria is coming to Opera GX, a gaming browser, the company said today.

Opera GX users may now immediately interact with a browser AI for gaming news and tips. The business gave gamers examples of how to use the AI, such as asking for Baldur’s Gate character ideas or Starfield’s release date.

Aria is internet-connected, so users get real-time updates. Aria on Opera GX is tied to Opera’s March AI Prompts function. User can make AI prompts, summarize articles or webpages, write social media posts, etc.

Opera GX adds a command line to provide a sidebar so users may rapidly interact with Aria and return to surfing. Windows uses Ctrl + /, Mac uses Cmd + /.

Aria is in beta and only available to Opera GX customers with the Early Bird option enabled in preferences. (Early Bird installs the latest builds before public release).

Users must enable “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line” to utilize Aria.

Aria is sold in 180+ countries. It has over one million beta users.

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