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According to OpenAI, Musk has only contributed $45 million and reportedly expressed interest in merging with Tesla or gaining control

OpenAI, the prominent AI startup, announced on Wednesday its decision to refute all allegations put forth by Elon Musk in a recent lawsuit. The company implied that Musk, despite being a co-founder, had minimal influence on its growth and achievements.The entire OpenAI team, including Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, …

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Paris-based OpenAI competitor Mistral AI closed its $415 million funding round

Mistral AI reached its Series A funding goal in France. Bloomberg reports that the company raised €385 million, or $415 million at today’s exchange rate, worth $2 billion. Today, Mistral AI unveils its commercial platform. Google’s DeepMind and Meta alumni founded Mistral AI to create open-technology foundational models. It raised …

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