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YouTube is exploring longer TV commercials with fewer

YouTube for TV customers should expect fewer but longer adverts as Google tests a new method. The company is testing this ad style to improve long-form content viewing, similar to a TV commercial break.

YouTube is also aiming to improve the TV ad timer to reflect the remaining ad break time. YouTube shows an ad’s duration and a placeholder saying “Ad 1 of 2,” which doesn’t indicate how long the break will last. The business stated it will test this new ad break timer “soon.”


Google is changing how remaining timing for ad breaks look on TV

YouTube began airing 30-second unskippable adverts on TVs this year. The business hit 150 million U.S. linked TV users in April. The business announced that over 700 million hours of YouTube material are watched on TV everyday. For the corporation, this is a significant ad surface.

The company unveiled a multiview sports function in March to watch multiple games. YouTube added multiview to non-sports content in June.

Google isn’t simply testing TV YouTube advertising. Thursday, the firm revealed that it will eliminate some ad controls from producers to chose pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads in November. Creators can only toggle advertising on or off, but YouTube decides the format. It will also allow them to manually place live stream adverts.

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