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Spokesman confirms Trump Jr.’s X account was hacked

On Wednesday morning, an account on X (formerly Twitter) was hacked. The account falsely reported his father, former president Donald Trump, had died.

The post read, “I’m sad to announce, my father Donald Trump has passed away.” “I will run for president in 2024.” In an X post, Trump spokesperson Andrew Surabian denied the claim and said Trump Jr.’s account was hacked.

The user also wrote weird things like “This just in: North Korea is about to get smoked,” and “When I become president I’m going to burn the SEC,” alluding to the SEC.

After 30 minutes, the posts were deleted from the platform. Trump Jr.’s team may have erased the tweet after regaining access to the account.

Couldn’t find X’s high-profile account security and privacy page. The URL to the social media giant’s hacked account safety and security support page now says “sorry, this page doesn’t exist.”

X did not respond to immediately. Social media’s press email reads: “Busy now, please check back later.”

The Trump Jr. account hack is one of the most high-profile security problems since Elon Musk took over in October 2022. The business finally addressed an alleged data breach that exposed millions of users’ contact information in December 2022 this year. After a “thorough investigation,” Twitter discovered “no evidence” that its systems were exploited to sell data online.

Note that platform security was an issue before Musk took charge. Three years prior, hackers hijacked Apple, Musk, and Joe Biden’s Twitter accounts to propagate a cryptocurrency fraud.

In 2020, a security researcher got Trump’s Twitter password and hacked his account. Dutch authorities acknowledged the occurrence months later but did not prosecute the researcher for good faith.


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