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X launches government ID account verification

For paid users, X, formerly Twitter, has implemented government ID-based account verification to prevent impersonation and provide “prioritized support.” Social media partner Au10tix provides identity verification solutions from Israel. The ID verification pop-up says the Au10tix can store this data for 30 days. X’s verification support page says ID verification …

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Bluesky buckled after Twitter/X announced block end

Bluesky, a Twitter competitor, buckled after Elon Musk announced that X will only support mutes instead of “block” functions. Bluesky users experienced slow post loading and occasional error messages. Graphics and images loaded slowly. Additionally, the site’s status page reported a performance issue being investigated. The Bluesky team has not …

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No one contacted @x Twitter handle owner before Twitter’s rebranding to “X”

Twitter’s X rebrand has failed. The company didn’t secure the intellectual property rights to the X brand, Reuters reported, and the site’s haphazard rollout had parts referencing “X” while others still encouraged you to “search Twitter” or “Tweet.” Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters sign was removed without a permit, prompting police …

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