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X redefines post ‘newsworthiness’ in public interest policy

X, formerly Twitter, has redefined its “Public interest expectations” policy to define newsworthy posts that can be kept up despite platform rules.

The company no longer requires 100,000 followers for newsworthy posts. The previous policy limited newsworthy posts to verified accounts. Since Elon Musk’s X allows people to get verified by paying for a subscription, the new policy says only posts by “a high profile account” are newsworthy. The updated page doesn’t specify what accounts are “high-profile.”

The policy previously limited exceptions to elected and government officials.

“At present, we limit exceptions to one critical type of public-interest content—Tweets from elected and government officials—given the significant public interest in knowing and discussing their actions and statements,” the policy stated.

The policy no longer limits exceptions to posts from one profile category.

As the Israel-Hamas conflict unfolds, Musk’s social media platform is making changes. The company reported 50 million user posts on the topic.

X said its Violent and Hateful Entities Policy removes “newly created Hamas-affiliated accounts”. It also said it is working with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) to stop “terrorist content.” The Saftey account said the company actively monitors antisemitic speech but didn’t specify what it’s done yet.

Community Notes, its crowdsourced moderation tool, has been crucial to allowing users to post contextual information. X said these notes “typically appear within minutes of content posting.”

Many reports say X hosted misinformation about the situation. NBC News reported multiple verified accounts spreading fake news about Joe Biden approving a $8 billion Israeli military grant. X’s algorithm boosted paid users’ misinformation, including video game clips masquerading as war footage, according to Wired. Musk advised followers to follow accounts that have posted antisemitic and false information in a deleted post.

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