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A former TikTok employee is creating a social app for content creators to network and ‘spill the tea’

Canopy is a new peer-to-peer social networking app for content creators to connect, crowdsource, and “spill the tea.”

The company announced its 1,000-influencer pilot program today. Founder and CEO Ayomi Samaraweera told that Canopy hopes the program will “build critical mass on the platform in our core content niches: beauty, fashion and lifestyle”.

Creators can register on Canopy’s website for early access. The waitlist has 1,200 people.

In addition to the pilot, Canopy will test three monetization paths: a monthly subscription service with webinars, in-person events, and accountability groups. The company will also test a research marketplace that connects brands and creators and a talent agency and company community management section.

The app accepts pop culture, gaming, food, and adult content creators. Samaraweera said Canopy targets beauty, fashion, and lifestyle creators because “those are the content niches that have the highest earning potential and spending power.” So, those creators usually take it seriously and want to make a full-time living from it.

Influencers from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, OnlyFans, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat can join Canopy. To join Canopy, you need 1,000–100,000 followers. It will eventually be open to all creators.

Canopy has posts, comments, likes, profiles, and more like Reddit and X (formerly Twitter). Users can join “Branches” or groups on brand partnerships, pay transparency, industry news, mental health, events & programming, monetization opportunities, platform algorithms, talent agencies, and more.

Canopy anonymizes creators to allow them to vent about the industry and ask questions without judgment. Users only know their origin and content type. An account could be “NY Fashion Creator.”

Samaraweera found that creators liked the app’s anonymity because they didn’t want to “damage their own careers or upset anyone” by sharing a bad brand experience or warning about a scam. New and rising creators should learn about the space, make industry friends, and network.

“There shouldn’t be so much hierarchy and gatekeeping,” Samaraweera said. Based on a 2022 HigherVisibilty survey, “One in four Gen Zers want to become a content creator, but there’s no college degree or clear path!”

The app’s “Creator Collabs” branch lets creators share more about themselves and meet up in person. At the end of October, Canopy will let creators toggle between anonymity and identity.

At the end of the year, Canopy will launch “Aura Points” to reward creators for responding to posts, sharing useful information, and writing engaging posts. Rewards include creator tools, editing equipment, and subscription services that improve skills.

Samaraweera is a TikToker with over 25,000 followers and a former internal communications employee. Being the president’s chief of staff at creator growth company Jellysmack gave Samaraweera valuable creator economy knowledge.

Samaraweera created Canopy to solve her TikTok audience growth problems.

“When I was making content, it was very painful,” she said. “I grew my account, but I thought, ‘This is so hard.’ It’s also very lonely… Many creators learn by trial and error. I think sharing information will speed up this process.”

Hustle Fund VC, Jellysmack founders, and president Sean Atkins back the company. Techstars Seattle recently accepted Canopy. Canopy raised $240,000.

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