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ChatGPT gets web search from OpenAI as DALL-E 3 integration enters beta

Three weeks after relaunching its internet-browsing feature in beta after months, OpenAI launched it on ChatGPT.

Until September 2021, ChatGPT, the generative AI chatbot that has taken the world by storm, was limited to data, making it useless as a real-time search engine. OpenAI began offering internet services to ChatGPT in March, a move that always carried risks because the live web isn’t curated like a static training data set, opening the door to bad actors and algorithmic chaos.

In May, OpenAI launched web search via Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, before expanding to the ChatGPT mobile app in late June. The new feature was quickly removed after ChatGPT was found to display paywalled content.

In late September, OpenAI relaunched Browse with Bing after fine-tuning ChatGPT to follow content owners’ Robots.txt files, similar to web crawlers.

ChatGPT: Browse with Bing

Browse with Bing is now available to Plus and Enterprise subscribers without having to toggle their beta switch.

A month after releasing DALL-E 3, OpenAI entered it into beta.

DALL-E 3 integrates with ChatGPT, so users don’t have to think as carefully about their text-prompts when asking DALL-E to create an image. ChatGPT can do a lot of the heavy lifting to ensure the image is closer to what the user wanted.

Furthermore, with DALL-E 3 embedded directly into ChatGPT, users can now receive images with their text-based queries without switching between the two apps.

Select “DALL-E 3 (Beta)” from the GPT-4 tab in ChatGPT to activate the beta feature on the web and mobile.

Vocal range
This is part of a larger expansion that is moving ChatGPT away from text-based generators and toward audio and imagery.

OpenAI enabled users to speak to ChatGPT last month, combining Alexa-style voice assistants with powerful large language models. A user can ask ChatGPT to create and narrate a bedtime story for their child, but it may be worth being there to see what it comes up with.

ChatGPT will also let users search for answers using images, so they can upload a picture of an object and find its name or similar items.

Today’s news supports OpenAI’s goal of making ChatGPT a fully integrated, real-time, multimedia generative search engine.

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