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Experience The World’s First Jet Suit Race while speeding through Dubai Marina

This week, the world witnessed the first jet-suit race in Dubai Marina, where racers showcased Iron Man-like technology as they zipped around floating buoys, aiming to reach the finish line in a loud and spectacular manner.

Gravity Industries, a UK-based manufacturer of aeronautical technology known for its powerful jet suits, was the event’s host on Wednesday, February 28.

Issa Kalfon emerged victorious and was awarded a symbolic gold jet turbine, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Except for a minor error by Emirati pilot Ahmed al-Shehhi, who allegedly crashed into the water during his heat, everything went according to plan. Luckily, he swiftly emerged from the water’s surface and signaled his well-being before being rescued by a crew.

Drawing inspiration from F1 technology, the suits are equipped with five gas turbine propulsion assemblies on the arms and back, capable of producing over 1,000 horsepower. The racer can reach speeds of up to 128 kilometers (80 miles) per hour. Suits can generally remain airborne for about 3 minutes, but with ideal conditions, they can fly for more than 7 minutes.

If the attire brings to mind a particular wealthy superhero, you’re not the only one. The Gravity Industries founder appears to have taken inspiration from the Marvel universe.

“The experience is akin to soaring through the sky, following the whims of your imagination,” shared Richard Browning, the visionary behind Gravity Industries, in an interview with the AP following the Dubai event.

“The world of Marvel superheroes and DC Comics has been brought to life with CGI, delivering a dream book experience that is as close to reality as possible,” Browning expressed.

It’s no surprise that the technology comes with a hefty price tag. For those interested in purchasing a custom-made jet suit from Gravity Industries, the price starts at £380,000 ($479,770) plus VAT.

However, it’s not all about enjoyment and entertainment. Gravity Industries showcased how their jetpacks could assist paramedics in accessing remote mountain locations. There has been talk of using it to find fugitives by law enforcement.

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