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Apple apps infected with malware

Apple announced on Sunday that approximately 40 apps have been removed from from the App Store because they have been¬†infected with XcodeGhost, a software programmed to obtain valuable information from a user and upload it to several control servers. In other words passwords or other sensitive data that a user …

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Hackers threat the firmware upgrade

It is very simple to protect your desktop computer or mobile device against security breaches like hackers or all the other types of malware. You just install an antivirus and a firewall and the problem is solved. Of course, you can add extra protection like anti spam, anti phishing, parental …

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Malware distribution rates have doubled over the past year


2014 was the year of cyber-attacks and malware distribution, which is evident in major incidents involving Sony Entertainment, Lenovo, Microsoft, PlayStation, iCloud, the White House and other seemingly secure platforms. These enormous hacks have gone as far as to target bank records and databases and stealing information as well as …

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