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Samsung’s Disastrous Galaxy S6

Samsung’s claims of 20 million orders for the Galaxy S6 have ended in failure. The company has shipped out less than 10 million phones out of the 60 million they created. This puts Samsung in a precarious position, because in no way shape or form are they going to be able to salvage the situation.

Website Patently Apple discussed the failure of Samsung’s situation. They wrote that Samsung was trying too hard to imitate Apple. Here’s what they said, “To make the Galaxy S6 series thinner with have better designs, Samsung sacrificed removable batteries and memory-expansion slots. As a result, they lost the Galaxy S series’ merits, and even those changes were considered to be Samsung’s attempt to imitate Apple’s iPhones. Furthermore, the S6 series are not water-resistant like the Galaxy S 5.”

At the same time, it seems that Samsung took a heavy hit in Japan. Sales there were just as disastrous compared to other countries. Another Patently Apple author reported that, “the Galaxy S6 Edge ranked 26th in the Japanese smartphone weekly sales rankings from April 27 to May 3. The sale of the model appeared to be smooth at first, ranking 10th the first week of its launch. However, its ranking went down by 16 notches in just one week. The Galaxy S6 also suffered from a drop in the rankings from 17th in the first week of its release to 30th place in the following week.”

Gordon Kelly of Forbes tried reaching Samsung for a comment. This was what he wrote. Kelly said, “Determined to get to the bottom of this I delayed this post in order to get official comment from Samsung. The company asked for 24 hours to respond, but eventually chose not to dispel any of the negative connotations or correct Yonhap’s figures. Instead its formal statement to me today was simply: ‘No Comment’.”

Samsung was trying to push Apple off in the smartphone market. Despite the numerous changes to the design of their phone, it almost resembled an iPhone. This does damage their standing in the competition for the best smartphone, but what do you think of it? If any of you have the Galaxy S6, is it that bad?

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