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Spend Less Money On This All-Inclusive Mega Learning Bundle

An unidentified flying object is seen dancing across the screen in a US Navy film before crashing into the water, grabbing the interest of UFO hunters all around the world. The Pentagon has confirmed the authenticity of the tape, and a UFO documentarian has now made it public online, but that is about all that is known for now about the object.

Here is some of the footage that the US Navy captured of “spherical”-shaped UFOs and advanced transmedia vehicles, according to filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who also provided information about the object on his website.

The video, which Corbell claims was taken in 2019, was really taken three years ago, although it has already been made public. Though unconfirmed, it is believed to have come from the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha while it was off the coast of San Diego.

Despite the short duration of the video, it appears that the device is capable of going through both air and water, making it more advanced in terms of transmedium travel than any known vehicles, whether they be military or otherwise. Radar imaging reveals a solid ball with a diameter of only 2 meters (6 feet) as the object itself. It appears swift, though, traveling at up to 254 kilometers per hour (158 miles per hour) while in the air.

Shortly after it was spotted, a submarine searched for it, but it had long since vanished.

There isn’t a known vehicle that can drive for a considerable amount of time in the air, transfer into the water, and then carry on. The idea of a flying submarine was investigated during the 1900s, but serious problems with air supply and fuel prevented the concept from taking off. The US was ready to award contracts for a flying submersible vehicle in 2008, however it seems the contracts were never awarded since Lockheed Martin withdrew their plans for a submersible drone.


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