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What’s with Tesla’s Cybertruck? All about the hyped electric pickup

Tesla is launching its long-awaited Cybertruck electric pickup.

The boxy car is Tesla’s first new model since 2020’s Model Y. At a 2019 event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed off an early version of Cybertruck, which accidentally smashed two windows while demonstrating its durability.

Find answers to common questions about Tesla’s Cybertruck, including specs, availability, and design, before its first shipments. Shipments will coincide with a live-streamed Tesla event Thursday to launch the vehicle’s success or failure.

What’s Cybertruck?
The Tesla Cybertruck is a steel-clad electric pickup truck. Musk claims the vehicle is under 19 feet long with a six-foot bed. It has four doors and six adult seats.

Tesla revealed Cybertruck specs in 2019, promising three models. The $39,900 single-motor model had rear-wheel drive and a 250-mile range. Aeons ago, figuratively. Some variants weigh as much as Hummers.

As of November 29, 2023, the final production vehicle’s price, battery range, weight, towing capacity, and long-term delivery schedule are unknown.

Why does the Cybertruck look that way?
A cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic aesthetic permeates the Cybertruck’s name, neon logo, and exterior, originally called Cybrtrk. Why? Elon Musk wants it.

The electric pickup is made of rust-resistant steel, which is hard to shape. The material’s rigidity influenced the EV’s highly geometric design and caused Cybertruck test vehicle launch delays and panel gaps.

Musk called the tank “an armored personnel carrier from the future—what Bladerunner would have driven.” Bladerunner is beautiful, but it depicts a horrific dystopia.

Is the Cybertruck for sale?
Tesla plans to mass produce Cybertrucks in 2024, but early access will be difficult unless you’re a wealthy early adopter with Tesla connections. You’ll have to wait behind 2019 truck reservationists.

You may be able to skip ahead for a fee. Apparently, $10,000 in Cybertruck reservations are on eBay. Be careful. It may be difficult to verify the offers, and Musk has threatened to punish resellers.

Can I sell Cybertruck?
Tesla threatened to punish early Cybertruck resellers, but a November 2023 update to its U.S. order agreement page seemed to reverse its position. Tesla previously prohibited Cybertruck customers from selling their vehicles during their first year of ownership. The rules stated the company would seek $50,000 from early resellers. But such language is gone from that page, for now.

Can a Cybertruck bed fit a bike?
That depends on bike size and storage. We think one wheel should hang over the tailgate.

Cybertruck beds will be longer than six feet, according to Elon Musk. Adult bicycles are usually longer than six feet from wheel to wheel. Los Angeles and South Carolina’s Palmetto Cycling Coalition recommend six-foot bicycle parking spaces. However, it fits snugly.

A motorcycle is probably harder. Not a Silverado.

Does the Cybertruck help the environment?
Because they have no tailpipe emissions, electric vehicles are better for the environment than gas-powered ones. Still, all cars pollute. This includes consumer EVs, which require lithium, release tire particles into the air, and use more energy than public transit, cycling, and walking. Battery material mining exploits workers.

How big is the Cybertruck? The growing size and weight of U.S. vehicles has alarmed experts. Extra-large vehicles use more energy and battery materials, increasing their environmental cost. Bigger, heavier vehicles are riskier for pedestrians in collisions.

EVs with smaller batteries are greener.

Stay updated
During its November 30 delivery event, Tesla should answer our many questions. How does the Cybertruck compare to Teslas? Competition electric pickups from Ford or GMC? Tesla promised a cheaper, single-motor Cybertruck in 2019. When will it arrive? Check back for updates as we learn more.

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