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Take Two is having a great time

Take Two is the company who created the famous Grand Theft Auto game series. More precisely. Take Two is the owner of Rockstar and 2K Games. On a short term, Take Two has total receipts by 427.7 million dollars. This means the company had a plus of 83.5% total receipts, compared to the last year – 2014. These sums are amazing, especially that Grand Theft Auto V has arrived as a PC game only on 14-th of April 2015.

But this is not all. From all these sums from above, the profit raised at 54.3 millions dollars. This means it was 152.5% bigger. These incredible results were due to digital sales – almost 48% from the total of sales but also due to physical sales, from the stores, which represent 52 percents.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is indeed the star of the sold games by Take Two. This game has been for these months in top 5 most sold games. We just need to remind that, for the consoles, for example, there were 52 millions of GTA 5 copies that were sold. Another game made by Take Two is NBA 2k15 and it has been in top 5 sold games. Probably, the most solid argument for which GTA 5 was sold so massive is the fact that this game seems to have revolutionized the game market. GTA 5 has a mode that can be activated just by pressing F5. In that moment, the user has a great gaming experience, being attacked and bombed by a whole armada of planes. The sensation and fun is great and players seem to have enjoyed this new feature, along with graphics, engine and stories.


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