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Digital assistant Cortana

Digital assistant Cortana will soon become available on Android and iOS

Digital assistant Cortana has been launched by Microsoft on Windows 8.1. This software is competitive on the market, even though there are much more famous solutions like Siri or Google Now. Cortana’s regional and linguistic availability are limited but the good news is that, according to Microsoft’s today announcement, Cortana will be available on Android and iOS, the rival operating systems. Their product will make part from a bigger software package which will offer other interconnection services as well.

According to an article that was published today on the company’s official blog, Windows 10 OS will come accompanied by an application called Phone Companion. That app will ease installation and setup for Microsoft applications on all user phones. If the user uses Windows Mobile Phone or Windows 10, all applications will be already pre-installation and set, however Phone Companion will offer compatibility with Android and iOS platforms.

Among the applications included, Phone Companion will offer multiplatform already known products such as Office, OneNote, Outlook, Skype and OneDrive, but there are also two new ones. The first of this is an application that will allow you to play online music which is stored on OneDrive. The future Xbox Music will use a special streaming option that Microsoft has announced it a few months ago but it did not activate it yet for all accounts.

The second novelty is even digital assistant Cortana, which will be available on Android and iOS platforms. As the product is already present on Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana will offer voice control, will allow interaction with calendar, To Do lists and other software modules . Cortana will also synchronize settings between terminals through Notebook. This app designed for Android and iOS app will not, however, be activated by using the phrase “Hey Cortana,” and it will not alter the settings of the operating system.

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