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The iOS 10 Update is Causing Some Serious Problems

Once upon a time, no one could expect better software and hardware than the ones coming from Apple and Samsung. This year, however, it seems that both companies managed to disappoint their fans. First, Samsung’s otherwise truly amazing Galaxy Note 7 started exploding without any obvious reasons, and now, Apple’s iOS 10 update started causing some serious trouble for some users. Both aspects are quite disappointing for fans. Whether this will influence their choices when picking up a new smartphone or not, still remains to be seen. It probably won’t if they are truly loyal to their favorite brand.

Tha latest addition to Apple’s smartphone line, the iPhone 7 was just launched, and alongside the device, the company also released the iOS 10, their latest version of the much appreciated (by some) software. Even though the iPhone 7 was received with some skepticism by some, mainly because of the lack of innovation and the disappearance of the 3.5mm audio jack, the majority of people still admit that it is a high-end smartphone with some great specs. The new version of Apple’s software is also praised by a lot of people, and it truly has some great features, but it seems that those who decided to update the operating system on their older iPhones have encountered some serious problems.

According to The Verge, a great number of iPhone and iPhone users have encountered installation problems when trying to install the new version of the operating system to their devices. In some cases, users were directed to plug their iOS device into a PC or Mac in order to completely restore the software on their handsets or tablets. In other cases, the problems were less significant, and users managed to install the updates the second time they have tried. The best option is to start updating the smartphone’s operating system only when you have a computer nearby, just in case everything does not go smoothly.

According to Apple, the issue was addressed, and users can now safely update their devices. However, it’s still safer to proceed to the update only if you have a PC around. If you manage to do so, please share your first impressions regarding the iOS 10 with us. Do you like it more than the older version? If so, why?

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