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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 On Track for a Great Reveal

Building upon the success of the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung‘s newest phablet may bring them back into the smartphone competition. Rumored to have a curved display, the Galaxy Note 5 will pack powerful hardware and a curved display.

So this is what’s known. The Galaxy Note 5 will have either a 5.4-inch or 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen. The resolution  will definitely be better than it’s predecessor, the Note 4 and it’s counterpart, the Galaxy S6. It’ll sport a resolution of 2160×3840 pixels, while it’s other variant, the Note 5 EDGE, will have a 5.78-inch screen with 762ppi. The Galaxy Note 5 may possess the Exynos 7422 processor, whereas it’s Edge variant will have the hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor.

Despite what has been leaked, and what is already known, the phablet is set to be officially unveiled in September. How did this all come about? The website International Business Times reported that, “Executive Vice President of Samsung, Rhee In Jong, has hinted at an event this week on a possible unveiling of the Galaxy Note 5 in the third quarter of this year by revealing that Samsung Pay, a mobile payment service, would be launched along with the company’s next high-end device, according to a report by Bloomberg.”

There is something interesting to note about the Galaxy Note 5. According to the website Value Walk, “it has been widely reported and suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 will include a 4K display when the phablet is released. This has been a persistent rumor and murmuring for some time, and it is something that Samsung would clearly like to instigate for a few obvious reasons.” The reason for this new development is that Samsung is racing to be first the company to produce 4K mobile devices.

While we still have awhile to go for the Galaxy Note 5, it’s exciting to see some of these features. It’ll certainly be a departure than what Samsung has developed in the past. What are your thoughts on the rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 5?

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  1. Hopefully Samsung focuses on the phones basic functions rather than loading it with tons of random apps off the start. I prefer google services, and a lot of the Samsung and google apps pretty loaded on the note 4 are redundant. Other than that the note 4 was excellent. It would be nice to have an eraser on the stylus.

    • I prefer Samsung apps since google does not know bleep about design, such as the materially flawed design of 5.x. They do make a good OS and services for the most part. It is a major reason I buy Samsung devices: They have the most innovative devices that provide the best UI on top of google’s services.

  2. The biggest question I have right now is. Will that awesome 4k display, be AMOLED? I’ve been using my S2 ever since its launch,
    back with froyo. Don’t quote me on that,
    but I am pretty sure, as I remember waiting for the upgrade to gingerbread. But it still works good for my needs. However, I think I want lollypop on my
    phone. And the s2 doesn’t go that
    high. But an AMOLED screen would be a
    must. I have an tab 10.5, and it has
    AMOLED. And I like it.

  3. Edge of Surreality

    Hopefully the NOTE 5 EDGE will have a fully functional, separate EDGE panel like the Note Edge and unlike the Galaxy S6 Edge. I see no reason to buy an Edge variant if that is not the case.

  4. Better have a 4K screen or else Mobile VR is gonna flop. Gotta get rid of that Screen Door.

  5. Raargh Wunderkzin

    5.5″? Are they on crack? My Note 4 (not the Edge) has 5.7 (I just measured it). To go DOWN in size is stupid, this is the flagship Phablet!! And the 5.78″ for the Edge is useless, who wants to watch a video where the edges on the vid are warped by the edge curve. And listen up Samsung .. take away the removable back and the expansion slot and you will have leap out of they way as former customers flock to the G4 – even without the fingerprint scanner and stylus .

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