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Samsung 32″ 1080P Led Smart TV vs Insignia 32″ 1080P – Plus $100 price tag

The world of electronics doesn’t resume to smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. So, we thought we should compare two smart TVs, maybe we will manage to figure out where the $100 difference comes from. It might be only because of the brand, but it could also be due to their specifications. In case you would like to purchase one of the two TVs, here is what you need to know about them.

Samsung 32″ 1080P Led Smart TV

The Samsung 32″ 1080P Led Smart TV is actually a 31.5″ device, with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Although it’s not the biggest Smart TV ever made, it is a good size for smaller living rooms, bedrooms or even dorm rooms. Because it is wall mountable, it is easy to place in the perfect spot so that users can enjoy a good movie or a TV show. In case you don’t want to mount in on the wall, the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV has a fix stand which ensures its stability. Returning to movies and other forms of entertainment, the Samsung 32″ 1080P Led Smart TV has built in Wi- Fi, so users will be able to stream movies, music and any other type of entertainment and even surf the Web due to its included Web browser. Anything one would like to watch can be brought to the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV. If you would like to install a specific app on the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV you should check with Samsung or the retailer first, given the fact that not all apps will work on it.

As far as the design goes, the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV has a thin black bezel, and a metal finish on the front of the device. It is a full HD TV with a 300 Hz picture quality index. It is powered by a quad- core processor and features TV Sound Connect, which allows you to connect Samsung sound bars wireless to the TV. The Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV is equipped with three HDMI ports and two USB ports and has both composite and component inputs. The Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV also features an optical digital output making it able to connect to home cinemas and other devices. If you would like to listen to the media files without anyone hearing, there is also an output for headphones. Finally, the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV has an A class energy rating, so it shouldn’t use too much of it. Thanks to extra features of the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV, like Color Enhancer, Smart View 2.0 and the Anynet+ remote users will be able to improve the quality of the image, enhance colors, connect their mobile devices to the TV set and control up to 12 home cinema devices with a single remote.

Users who tried the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV stated that it has a great picture quality for its range. The same people also said that the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV is easy to use and especially fun to use, due to the apps it supports and to its features. There were also problems reported, like the fact that although the specs of the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV state that it has 200mm x 200mm, it does not, and some users reported that it occasionally loses internet connection. Others wished Samsung offered more apps, and some people reported that the refresh rate may demonstrate slight lag when they were using the unit as a monitor for fast pace DVD viewing.

If we are to consider the majority of the client reviews, it seems that the Samsung 32″ Led Smart TV has a clear picture, decent sound and it is user friendly. It has a $319.99 price on sale, offering a $60 save compared to its $379.99 original price tag.

Width- 28.4 inches
Wall Mountable- Yes
VESA Wall Mount Standard- 200mm x 200mm
Media Card Slot -No
Maximum Resolution -1920 x 1080
3D Technology -No
Curved Screen -No
V-Chip -Yes
Product Height Without Stand- 16.7 inches
Product Depth Without Stand- 2.6 inches
Product Weight Without Stand- 10.4 pounds
Smart Capable- Yes
Display Type- LED
Number Of HDMI Inputs- 3
Number Of USB Port(s)- 2
Screen Size -31.5 inches
PC Input -No
Video Input(s) -Component video|Composite video|HDMI|USB
ENERGY STAR Certified -No
EPEAT Qualified -No
Screen Size Class -32 inches
Vertical Resolution -1080p
Surround Sound Supported -Dolby Digital Plus|DTS Studio Sound|DTS Premium Sound
Network Compatibility -Built-in Wi-Fi
Remote Control Type -Standard
Specific Manufacturer Technologies -Motion Rate 60, Wide Color Enhancer, ConnectShare Movie, Smart View 2.0, Anynet+
Cable(s) Included -Power
TV/DVD Combo -No
Color Category -Silver
UPC -887276087825


Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV

The Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV also has in fact a 31.5″ diagonal, but it is considered to be a 32″ class device. It has a sleek, thin black trim and a really subtle stand that shouldn’t occupy too much space. Given the fact that it’s not wall mountable, the small stand is a great feature because you can sit the TV even on narrow furniture. Its size makes the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV a perfect option for smaller rooms, but it is not advised to be set in large family rooms. It is a full HD device, with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 200 candela per square meter brightness. It features built- in Wi- Fi, so it brings the whole Internet content to the users’ feet. Or eyes. Being a smart TV, the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV can be connected to a smartphone, so that users can remotely control the TV by using their portable devices. The Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV is compatible with most iOS, Android, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone devices. Using the Roku mobile app, users can find the content they are looking for by using voice commands. If this is not a smart TV then what is?

The Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV has three HDMI ports and a USB port. It has a digital tuner and a composite video input. It also features an analog audio output and a digital optical audio output so you can connect it to other devices easily. The two 5W speakers the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV ensure a high- quality audio experience. Due to its personalized home screen the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV is quite user friendly . This home screen is meant to puts users’ favorite broadcast TV, streaming channels, and devices in one place for easy access without complicated input switching.The Roku software offers all apps one could want and then some, plus full customization, easy- to-use menus, better search and constant updates. Due to this little feature the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV can be considered to be one of the best devices in its range available at this moment.

Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV owners reported that this device offers good quality image and especially a great sound. Alongside these features the large number of channels and apps they could access thanks to Roku seemed to be a reason why they chose this particular smart TV model. Although it is a great device for its price, some users complained that the Wi- Fi connection disconnects and that in some cases the device simply reboots in the middle of watching the show. Internet problems may be caused by a faulty Wi- Fi connection. If the problems persist, it is recommended to take the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV to a specialized service. Another feature of the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV that customers simply loved was its price. The Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV is incredibly low- priced for the features it offers. It is a great smart TV with clear image, good sound, user- friendly interface and a multitude of apps thanks to built- in Roku software. This is about everything a customer could want from a star-up smart TV set.

Width- 28.6 inches
Wall Mountable- No
Media Card Slot -No
Maximum Resolution- 1920 x 1080
3D Technology- No
Maximum Contrast Ratio (Native)- 1400
Maximum Contrast Ratio (Dynamic)- 20000
Brightness -200 candela per square meter
Digital Comb Filter -Yes
Channel Labeling- No
V-Chip -Yes
Product Height With Stand- 18.3 inches
Product Depth With Stand- 6.9 inches
Product Weight With Stand- 11 pounds
Smart Capable- Yes
Display Type- LED
Refresh Rate- 60Hz
Number Of HDMI Inputs- 3
Number Of USB Port(s)- 1
Screen Size- 31.5 inches
Digital Tuner -Yes
Number Of Composite Video Inputs- 1
PC Input -No
Video Input(s)- HDMI|Composite video|USB
ENERGY STAR Certified- No
EPEAT Qualified -No
Number Of Analog Audio Outputs- 1
Number Of Digital Optical Audio Outputs- 1
Speaker Output- 10 watts
Screen Size Class -32 inches
Vertical Resolution -1080
Horizontal Viewing Angle -178 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle- 178 degrees
Number Of Speakers- 2
Network Compatibility- Built-in Wi-Fi
Headphone Jack -Yes
Color Category- Black
UPC -600603184512.

And the winner is…

After looking through the specs supplied by Bestbuy and the customer reviews, it would seem that both devices are quite awesome for entry- level smart TVs. They both offer great image quality, decent sound and they are both said to be quite user- friendly. But the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV has Roku. This amazing feature offers access to over 2000 streaming channels and over 250,000 movies and TV shows. The Samsung 32″ 1080P Led Smart TV just doesn’t seem to be able to beat that. Plus there is the price tag. Although the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV offers all that the Samsung device delivers and then some, it is priced $100 lower than the Samsung, being available for $219.99. this means that the price/ quality ratio is a lot better than the Samsung’s. We must say that although we appreciate Samsung devices, this time around the Insignia 32″ 1080P Roku TV just seems to be better than the Samsung smart TV. The plus $100 price tag in this case only includes the brand name, it doesn’t offer more than the Insignia Roku TV.



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