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Rufus Cuff- The Wearable Mini- Tablet

After fitness trackers, smartwatches and other gadgets, now a new wearable “tablet” has arrived. It was developed by Rufus Labs and is called the Rufus Cuff. Given its size it probably feels like a cuff, so the model name seems to be accurate. As it was presented back in 2014, when it was launched as an Indiegogo campaign, Rufus Cuffs is supposed to be more than a smartwatch.  Now it is available for preorder. It is definitely bigger than a smartwatch and it is also more powerful. According to Rufus Labs, the Rufus Cuff will end the era of the watch and wrist communicators will take over. Whether this product will become a hit or net still remains to be seen.

The Rufus Cuff is not the most beautiful gadget ever made. It is bulky, big, seems to be uncomfortable and all in all it just looks awkward. The strap is quite wide, and is made of some sort of plastic material. The screen is huge, rectangular and looks plasticky and uncomfortable, not being rounded. It comes in black, white and red colors, so users get to personalize their gadget a little. We think that it looks strange in every color. The 3.2- inch capcitive TFT touchscreen promises to deliver great images, but it still seems to be heavy and uncomfortable to wear. You can definitely not tuck this gadget under your shirt’s sleeve.


The power of the Rufus Cuff on the other hand is quite impressive. The Rufus Cuff is powered by a TI Cortex A9 processor. It has a 1175 mAh battery, that should ensure a pretty long battery life. The Rufus Cuff supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi- Fi connectivity, so users will be able to easily connect to other devices or the Web. It is also able to take and make calls when connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The Rufus Cuff can even  make video calls, due to the front facing camera the Rufus Cuff is equipped with. The dual microphone system and the speakers it is equipped with also help enhance the phone experience with the Rufus Cuff.

The Rufus Cuff runs on Android KitKat but can also be paired with iPhones. It offers access to every Android app, plays music and allows users to surf the Web. Just like its forefathers, the smartwatches, the Rufus Cuff offers a number of fitness features. It has GPS, an accelerometer, gyroscope and a compass. These make it suitable for fitness training, even if it’s not the most comfortable tracking device. The Rufus Cuff is also spill and splash resistant, making it more useful when working out or just wondering around.

What is quite impressive about the Rufus Cuff is its storage. It can be purchased with 16 GB, 32 GB or even 64 GB of internal storage. This is more than many of the high- end smartphones have to offer at this point. The Rufus Cuff has the price tag of a mid- range smartphone, being available for purchase starting from $249. The price goes higher if you choose the larger storage versions.

Although we probably won’t see a lot of people ditching their smartphones and smartwatches over the Rufus Cuff, it still is an interesting device. Would you wear the Rufus Cuff? If not, why? If you would, why?


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