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Give your headphones a boost with BoomStick

We all use headphones at least sometimes, if not on a daily basis, and the majority of us are probably not pleased by the sound quality they provide. Whether we have headphones delivered by Samsung, Apple, or other known companies, or less expensive ones, they could all use a boost in sound quality, and it seems that now we have a solution for our problem. A new company, BoomCloud 360, developed a device, called BoomStick, which should considerably improve the quality of the sound reproduced by any kind of headphones. The device is available for preorders as of yesterday.

The BoomStick is a small, portable device that can be plugged into another device’s audio jack, and the headphones will be plugged into the stick. It is similar to traditional portable headphone amplifiers, but unlike those, the BoomStick not only promises to amplify the sound, it also improves the quality of it. With this little device, any headphone should deliver a much better sound quality than it normally would. Of course, the better the headphone, the better the final result will be. What is certain is that even the worst headphones will get a boost in sound quality with this little device. In order for users to hear the difference, BoomCloud 360 posted a video on their website that shows the reaction of people who already got the chance to test the device.

The BoomStick has a simple design, with a single button on the top side of the device which allows users to turn the gadget on and off. It has a battery that is able to ensure up to 14 hours of battery life, which should be enough for the majority of users. The stick is able to improve low-end responsiveness, it ensures more dynamic vocals, and overall a high-quality sound. For now, it is only available for preorders, but it will become widely available sometime in spring for $99. The device comes in black or silver colors, so everyone can choose the one they best prefer.


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