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Nikon Launches KeyMission 360 Action Camera

Nikon is one of the most popular camera manufacturers and these days the company added a new device to its lineup. The KeyMission 360 was launched at CES 2016 and it will be exhibited at the company’s booth until January 9 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. What differentiates the new addition from other devices delivered by Nikon is the fact that the KeyMission is not just another camera like the others, instead the company opted for delivering an action camera that is capable of shooting 360-degree video in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

The cube-like design of the new Nikon action camera is simple yet appealing, and it is pretty durable too. The action camera features drop-proofing to 6.6 feet and it is also waterproof to depths of 100 feet. These features are extremely important in action cameras because users will normally use these gadgets in extreme environments, capturing some really great moments. There is not much information about other features of the camera in Nikon’s announcement but it seems that the KeyMission 360 action camera will be able to record 4K video and it will also feature image stabilization. According to some reports, the camera also features great sound, making it one of the best action cameras on the market, at least sound-wise.

No official information was released regarding the price and release date of the KeyMission, but it seems that the camera will become available sometime in the spring. What is certain is that it will quickly become a serious competitor for the GoPro action cameras, if not for its other features, for the 360-degree recording capability. Action cameras become more and more popular, especially among those who like extreme sports, so Nikon might have just launched one of its most sought-for devices. In its announcement, Nikon mentions that the KeyMisiion is the first of its lineup of action cameras, so it is safe to assume that we will see other models in the future also.

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