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70-inch Dell Touchscreen Dethrones Whiteboards

Technology and gadgets became a part of our lives in the last few years, and fortunately, they find their way to education too. The chalkboards and the whiteboards that took their place in the last period could become history thanks to the latest 70-inch Dell touchscreen, dubbed the C7017T. While the whiteboards were already a step up from the traditional chalkboards, the release of the Dell touchscreen could turn learning into a pleasure instead of a burden. Of course, the 70-inch Interactive Conference Room Monitor wasn’t only designed for schools, it can only be used in businesses, creating the perfect setup for interactive meetings and conferences. The touch screen monitor costs around $5000, in addition to which schools and businesses will have to invest in a computer also, but it still is an affordable price given its value.

The 70-inch Dell touchscreen has 1920×1080 resolution and it supports 10-finger touch, making it incredibly easy to use. The monitor also comes with two pens, so teachers or lecturers will be able to make notes on the board with ease. This reinvention of the whiteboard can be connected to Windows computers thanks to the ports for wired connections it was equipped with, but it can also be connected to laptops via the optional Dell Wireless Module.

Dell stated about the 70-inch touchscreen that

“It offers a large touch display for collaboration, with 10-point hand touch plus two included styluses, an anti-glare and anti-smudge coating on the cover glass for easy viewing, and monitor components for clear text and images. To support the needs of teachers, it’s also easy to connect and manage, with multiple ports for plug and play connectivity, an RS232 and RJ45 interface to support remote management, and optional wireless connectivity (WR517 + product link).”

Dell didn’t really invent the wheel with its 70-inch touchscreen, but it made it a lot more accessible thanks to its price. Microsoft already delivered a similar product in April, the 84-inch Surface Hub, but that monitor’s price starts at $21,999, making it impossible for schools to purchase it. Of course, that screen was never intended to replace the whiteboards in classrooms. We hope to see Dell’s monitor in a great number of schools in the future, allowing students to really enjoy their classes.

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