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Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade Brings User $10K

All of us who didn’t opt for upgrading to Windows 10 know how annoying the constant reminder of the operating system can get. Rejecting the offer doesn’t always work, so a lot of users were put in the position where they were faced with an unwanted upgrade to the latest version of the OS. This was the case of Teri Goldstein, a small business owner from California too. Unfortunately, in her case the upgrade didn’t work properly, causing some serious damage to her system, making it unusable for several days.

Unlike other users, who just accepted the upgrade, Goldstein sued Microsoft after reaching out to the company, seeking for a solution for her issues. The unhappy customer won the lawsuit, and Microsoft now has to pay her $10.000 in damages. These include the cost of purchasing a new system and the estimated lost compensation as well. Even though the company initially appealed the court’s ruling, and dropped the appeal afterwards, according to the Seattle Times the company didn’t admit to any wrongdoing whatsoever. According to the same source, a spokesperson for the tech giant explained the withdrawal of the appeal by stating that the company only wanted to avoid further expenses inherent to the appeal.

The fact is that Microsoft started promoting the Windows 10 operating system quite aggressively, annoying a lot of users. This strategy could have paid off, but instead it resulted in a really bad experience for a great number of people, who might not drop Windows 10 altogether, but definitely changed their minds regarding the quality of the services delivered by Microsoft. Maybe if more people sued the company in relation to the forced upgrades, they would back off a little and start promoting their product in a more delicate way. Another approach could win users back, and make the Windows 10 a truly desired product.

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