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Nokia P1

Nokia P1 Press Renders Leaked

Nokia was the most popular cell phone brand in the early 2000’s but after a while, the company was just pushed aside by other tech giants, like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and so on. Now, it seems that the Finnish company is struggling to get back on the smartphone market. Its upcoming model, the Nokia P1, a model which is supposedly going to run on Android, was spotted online in a number of images. These leaked images are allegedly the press renders of the smartphone, and they suggest a device that looks a lot like the Sharp Aquos P1. This is not a surprise, given the fact that the Nokia P1 is rumored to be designed and developed by the same engineers at InFocus/Sharp.

According to Techworm, the upcoming Nokia device will feature a 5.3-inch full HD display, alongside a Snapdragon 820 processor. The handset will reportedly include 3GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage, just like the Sharp Aquos 1. Other possible features of the Nokia P1 include a 22.6MP primary camera with a f/1.9 aperture, a 3000mAh battery, and fast charge support. It was also said that the handset will offer IP58 dust- and water-resistance. Even though the specs aren’t exactly mind-blowing, they still are rather acceptable for the device that should put Nokia back on the track.

The Finland-based company wasn’t allowed to release a new phone using its own brand until the 3rd quarter of this year, so it is possible that we will see the Nokia P1 launched in the following weeks. The cell phone manufacturer is most likely eager to launch the new device and start crawling back on the ladder that takes smartphone manufacturers to the top of the market. Whether they will manage to come back or not, still remains a good question.

Even though Nokia has vanished for a while from the smartphone market, there are a lot of people who still think of their old Nokia cell phones with nostalgia, and would like to have a handset delivered by the company that was once the best in the market. The competition is definitely tougher nowadays, so the Finnish company should really speed their game up and deliver something truly amazing if they want to get in the race with Samsung and Apple, who are currently the most popular smartphone manufacturers.

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