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Twitterific’s Easter eggs live on in Ollie’s Arcade

The Iconfactory, which made wallpaper app Wallaroo, puzzle game Frenzic, and Twitterific, released Ollie’s Arcade today. The new iOS app offers mini-games reminiscent of arcade or electric handheld games to give users a retro gaming experience.

The debut lineup includes “Ollie Soars,” a Flappy Bird-like game where you fly around the world collecting gems and soaring past obstacles; “Snake,” a familiar game where you try to eat apples while avoiding your snake’s twists and turns; and “Tranquility Touchdown,” a space exploration game where you pilot your lander to six planets.

The team wanted to recreate the magic of their childhood games like “Asteroids,” “Moon Patrol,” “Battlezone” and handheld games like “Mattel Football,” “Simon” and “Merlin.”

Ollie’s Arcade lets players “turn their iPhone or iPad into a retro gaming experience,” according to the company.

The new titles “Ollie Soars” and “Tranquility Touchdown” were inspired by Easter Eggs in Twitterific, Iconfactory’s long-lost Twitter app that was killed by Elon Musk’s API changes that killed third-party Twitter clients.

“Ollie Soars,” an Easter egg from Twitterific 5 in 2016, was completely revamped for the new app, and Tranquility Touchdown was polished. The team completed the trio with their own “Snake” game.

The company says you can play the games on your phone, controller, or wireless keyboard.

The app is free and includes “Ollie Soars,” and you can unlock the other two games for $1.99 each. All mini-games are ad-free and subscription-free.

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