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Pokémon Go to Launch in Europe and Asia Soon

Pokémon Go is definitely the game of the year, given the fact that in just one day after its launch it was more downloaded than Tinder. And it was only launched in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. We can only imagine how popular it will get once it will be launched in Europe and Asia also. According to The Verge, the launch of the popular mobile game in Europe and Asia is closer than we would think. The upcoming extension of the game to Europe and Asia was also reported by The Wall Street Journal, even though there was no official statement made yet concerning this matter.

The mobile game that sends users to chase imaginary characters in real-life cities was launched last week but it was already installed on more than 5 per cent of total active Android devices in the US. This is quite impressive, given the fact that apps and games don’t usually impress so many people from the moment of their launch. This is probably why the game-maker company, Niantic had to pause the global launch of the app a little. They probably didn’t expect such popularity either, and they needed to recover their servers before further popularizing their game.

According to “people familiar with plans for the game”, cited by The Wall Street Journal, the game will be launched in Europe and Asia in the next few days, so it’s expected to become even more popular within a week or so. Even though the mobile game wasn’t officially launched outside the US, New Zealand, and Australia, those who really want to try the game out can do so by sideloading Pokémon Go onto their Android smartphones or tablets. iOs users all over the world also managed to find a way to download and use the popular app by creating a new Apple ID that uses the regions where Pokémon Go was already officially launched.

Those who can’t wait for the official version of the mobile game to reach their regions should be aware of the fact that thanks to the popularity of the game a lot of malware-infected clones of the app surfaced on the internet. If they decide to download the app before its official launch in their regions, users could infect their devices with some serious malware. Given the fact that the launch of the mobile app is imminent, maybe it would be safer for everyone to wait for it to reach their smartphones through the official channels.

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