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US Army Ditches Android for iPhone 6S

The US Army’s Special Operations Command has used the Android Tactical Assualt kit for the last few years, but it seems that the era of Android has ended recently. The Army is now considering ditching the Android kits and favors the iPhone 6S instead of a smartphone that was more or less similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Although the US Army didn’t officially state the reason why they would give up o the Android Tactical Assault Kit, according to some sources, the decision was made because the smartphones running on Google’s operating system frequently freeze and need to be restarted. According to the same source, the Army considers that the iPhone 6S runs a lot smoother and faster.

The Samsung device that is found in the Android Tactical Assault Kit freezes often because of the specialized software the Army uses on their devices. The iPhone 6S seems to be able to handle the special software a lot better, being a lot more reliable than the Samsung handsets the Army used up until now. It is known that the iOS 9 is able to perform with the split screen processes better than Android devices, so it is no surprise that the US Army would replace the Samsung handsets with the iPhone.

This, of course, means that Apple  could get a boost in their revenue. The US Army is a great client, so the Cupertino-based company will most likely be able to re-establish its position in the smartphone market with this contract. Apple was dethroned by Samsung this year, the Galaxy S7 being more popular than the iPhone 6S. It isn’t quite clear whether the US Army has considered using a more up-to-date Android smartphone than the one found in their Android Tactical Assault Kit or not. The current flagship Android smartphones are more powerful than the iPhone 6S.

The information regarding the switch from Android to iPhone isn’t official, so it is possible that we will see the US Army only opt for a different Android smartphone instead of the existing one. On the other hand, maybe Apple just made them a truly great offer and it will be more convenient for the Army to opt for the Apple handsets instead of the Japanese Samsung devices they currently use.


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