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Microsoft Introduced the Surface Studio

Microsoft laid low in the past few months, but on Wednesday it became clear what they were busy with. The tech giant introduced a new update that will reach more than 400 million Windows 10 devices, and it also unveiled the Surface Studio and the Surface Dial. Of course, the update is welcome, but what truly impresses are the brand new Surface devices. The Studio, in particular, is an amazing gadget that will conquer the hearts of many people. The device was designed for creative purposes, but it is possible, that it will be embraced by people who don’t make their living out of creativity too.

The Surface Studio is quite similar to Apple’s iMac device. However, it isn’t only a terrific display, it can also turn into a canvas when it needs to. The ultra HD 4.5K screen is the thinnest LCD monitor ever built. This is quite impressive, even coming from Microsoft. The screen can be used with a Surface pen, the Surface Dial, and by touch. This turns it into a perfect device, especially for those who earn their living by creating images of all kinds. The Zero Gravity Hinge of the  Studio allows users to adjust the position of the display according to their needs. In Desktop Mode, the screen looks just like a regular monitor, but when users turn to Studio mode, it sits at a 20-degree angle. This is just like the position of a traditional drafting board.

Naturally, the adjustability of the Surface Studio is not its only strength. It includes a 6th Generation Intel Core processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GPU, that come together in delivering a smooth and immersive graphics performance.  The power of the processor is more than enough to run professional programs, that are usually needed by architects and other individuals who create graphics for a living.

The retail price of the Surface Studio starts at $2,999, and it is already available for pre-orders. The device itself will start shipping only in the first quarter of next year, however. Those who opt to purchase the Studio before December 1, will also get a Surface Dial from Microsoft.

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