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Nintendo Shares Rise Thanks To Super Mario

In the summer, when Pokémon Go was launched, Nintendo shares rose quite spectacularly. Unfortunately for the company, they also plummeted only a few days after, when people realized that they won’t necessarily get rich because of the popular smartphone app. Now, the shares of the Japanese company start rising again, according to BBC News. This time around, the one to thank for the rise is Super Mario. To be more specific, the iOS version of the beloved hit game of the 80s.

At the beginning of the fall, the Japanese game developer, and electronics manufacturer announced that they will release Super Mario Run for iOS. The game will become available on December 15 in Apple’s App Store. Ever since the game was announced, Nintendo’s shares jumped by as much as 5%. This may not be such a great rise as the one following the release of Pokémon Go, but it seems to be a steadier one. This is probably due to the fact that the Super Mario Run will generate more income for the company than Pokémon did. The upcoming game will be available for $10, while Pokémon was available to download for free. Ths way, even if it turned out to be an incredibly popular game, it didn’t make that much money for the firm or its shareholders. 

Lately, Nintendo seems to have made a serious comeback. After a few years when the company laid low, this year they released the Pokémon Go, the Super Mario is on its way, and they also came up with the NES Classic which could turn out to be a major hit also. It just seems that the Japanese company figured out what they need to do in order to stay on the market. They also plan on releasing more games for smartphones, which certainly is a major market these days. We basically live with our smartphones and tablets, so games that can be played on these are more likely to become more popular than the ones that need a PC to play on.

Nintendo seems to be on the top of things, and if they keep up the good work and release other golden hits, they could become once again the most popular company of their kind.


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