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Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Launch at MWC 2017

After the total fail of the Note 7, some people expected the South Korean company to launch the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 sooner than usual. When that didn’t happen, everyone thought that it will arrive at the MWC 2017 next month. No, it seems that the company confirmed that it won’t launch at this event, instead, leaks point to a March 29 event that will take place in New York. As for the release date, April 18 and 21 are the closest one suggested. This is a little disappointing because many were eagerly waiting for the new Samsung flagship to launch. However, if it will be as amazing as Samsung promises it to be, it might be worth the wait.

According to rumors, one of the major new features of the upcoming smartphones is that we won’t get a flat version. Both models will offer the curved display of the previous Edge models. A higher screen-to-body ratio is also in the cards. This way, users can get a larger display, but still, have a smartphone that fits in their pockets. It’s highly likely that the Galaxy S8 models will offer a 4K resolution. After all, they are the flagship models of Samsung, so they must have high-end features. Unfortunately, this rumor was not confirmed via official channels, so it still is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature the same Quad HD resolution as the Galaxy S7.

When it comes to the design of the smartphone, we are not expecting any spectacular changes. Samsung is quite loyal to the design we all got to know. Of course, there should be some minor changes, but don’t expect any revolutionary ones. The biggest change could be the lack of the physical home button. This way, the bezels of the smartphone would shrink. Naturally, this could lead to a better looking, slicker design. However, for some users, the lack of the physical home button could be a disappointment.

The upcoming Samsung flagships will most likely come with two versions of processors. One of them will be the 3GHz Exynos 8895, while the other could be the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset from Qualcomm. There is a chance that we will get as much as 6GB of RAM. However, it’s still possible that the new models will come with 4GB of RAM. Even though some thought that the upcoming models will come with a dual- lens back camera, now it seems that these plans didn’t pan out. Instead, the Galaxy S8 will seemingly offer a 12 MP back camera with  f/1.7 aperture and larger pixels. As for the front- facing camera, it will probably be an 8MP one. The new feature could be the autofocus which would be a first for Samsung’s front- facing cameras.

3000 and 3500 mAh batteries were rumored to power the smartphones. Both models will support fast charging with Quick Charge 4.0. Other features of the Galaxy S8 will definitely include a fingerprint sensor, possibly even an iris scanner. An AI assistant and dual stereo speakers are also probable features. The audio jack might disappear. The trend started with apple’s iPhone 7. Still, some people love their 3.5mm headsets, so Samsung could keep this feature a little longer. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will definitely not be a cheap device. It will cost at least as much as the Galaxy S7 did. It is also possible that the S8’s price will be even higher.

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