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LEGO Life is a Safe Social Network for Young Kids

The LEGO Group announced the launch of a new social network for kids under 13, the LEGO Life. The network allows young to safely interact with kids of their age who share their hobby to build. The social network launches today in select countries. These include the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Germany, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland. It will also launch in other areas later this year and in 2018. The app-centered digital experience enables children to share their LEGO creations and interact with LEGO characters also. Of course, it is also a good place to find inspiration. 

Until now, there was the LEGO Club Magazine, where kids could share their creations. They could also interact with others through the message board on the company’s site. However, the new LEGO Life social network allows them to take these interactions one step further. It is extremely easy to use and most importantly, it is safe for young children under the age of 13. Thanks to this project, children will not only be able to build with LEGO in the safety of their homes, but also create online. The platform allows them to create in-depth 3D LEGO mini figure avatars and interact with LEGO characters. The social network also offers exclusive content.

LEGO Life doesn’t stop at creating the possibility for kids to interact with each other. It offers the LEGO Emoji Keyboard. This way even children who can’t write yet can communicate with others. They can share their impressions on each other’s creations, and show what they are working on. It is a safe environment where children can get creative and socialize at the same time. Given the fact that many children nowadays don’t have any siblings to play with, it can prove to be quite a good way to have fun and improve their social skills.

The LEGO Life platform doesn’t require any personal information about the users. They don’t even use profile pictures, instead, they can create a personal avatar of their liking. The content and comments are also carefully monitored by employees in order to maintain a child- friendly environment. This way, parents can be confident that their children use a safe and appropriate platform for their age. The app is available for free both for iOS and Android devices.

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