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PC Games vs. Mobile Games – Which ones to play?

A few years back, playing games on our computers was the greatest thing one could wait for. The titles were definitely not as various as they are now and the user experience was quite far from what games have to offer nowadays too. Today, we have a great variety of games to play with impressive animations and incredible features. Games that rely on VR and AR have also become quite popular. Of course, these are easier to play on mobile phones, as these gadgets work quite well with VR and AR accessories too, while PCs don’t really have the possibility to offer the same experience just yet.

In the past few years, mobile games have become incredibly popular too. This is quite understandable as we have our mobile phones with us at all times, while we usually leave our computers at home if don’t really need them. Mobile phones are a lot easier to carry around and we can use them anywhere. Playing mobile games can turn a long commute into a nice trip or they can help us relax on our coffee breaks at work. Our phones ar always at hand so we can easily disconnect our brains a little bit by playing fun games.

The quality of mobile games and the ir variety has grown quite a lot in the past years. While Snake was a game that we will always remember, the mobile games nowadays are a lot more fun and impressive. Mobile phones offer game developers the possibility to let their imagination go wild and invent new worlds and great stories. Some people stick to simple games on their smartphones, like card games, others take it a little bit further and play online games such as the ones on www.mobileonlinecasinos.co.uk, and others go even further and play games that back in the days hardly worked on computers.

The fact that we can now play mobile games that are even more complex than PC games used to be is due to the fact that smartphones today have really powerful processors, a lot of memory and last but not least, great displays. To be honest, many smartphones have nicer displays than computers do. This way, they don’t only ensure a great gaming experience, they also allow users to enjoy amazing visual experiences. AR and VR games only take things further as they are able to create a whole new world for the people that are playing them.

At this point, there are only a few smartphone models that support AR content. However, this will most likely change in the future and mobile games will definitely starts using AR more than they do now. Users really seem to enjoy this kind of games, so it’s safe to assume that game developers will not let the chance of developing great content go by too easily. Of course, there still are games that are simply too big to play on a smartphone, but we are confident that game developers will soon find a way to bring them to mobile platforms too.

Until then, mobile phone users can still play a great variety of games. As we already mentioned, these include board games, card games, and even online casino games that now work on mobile platforms too. All users need is a working smartphone and a decent internet connection to enjoy them. Even the budget phones nowadays have more than decent specs and in the majority of places there is a WiFi connection, so both requirements are usually easily met. In case there is no WiFi connection, carriers offer quite impressive internet plans, so users don’t really need to rely on WiFi networks all the time. All they need is the will to play mobile games and they will definitely find the means to do so. It doesn’t even matter whether you own an iOS or an Android device. There are thousands of games to play on each of them, users only need to find the right games for them.

What is your opinion about mobile games and PC games? Which ones do you play more often or you would like to have the time to play more often? Let us know in a comment.

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