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IOTransfer 3 – The tool every iPhone and iPad user should benefit from

Nowadays, we store a lot of content on our smartphones and other gadgets. While there are several ways to transfer this content from our smartphones to our computers, the best way to do this is via a manager that can seriously shorten the process. There are multiple managers like this both for Android and for iOS devices. For the latter, one of the best tools is IOTransfer 3. This iPhone/ iPad Manager allows users to seamlessly transfer their music, videos and more from their gadgets to their computers. Also, the tool allows them to better manage their tools, as it allows them to complete several tasks.

Naturally, the first step towards being able to benefit from the multiple abilities of this tool is to download it. Thankfully, the developers allow users to get the iPhone transfer tool for free, at least for a 7-days trial period. Of course, the paid- for variant offers a number of extra features. The most obvious one is that users can benefit from all it has to give them for a longer period of time. There is a 1-year subscription and users can also opt for the lifetime subscription. Yes, a life’s worth of IOTRansfer 3. I would personally recommend this only for those who are really loyal to the Apple brand, however.

Downloading the tool is extremely easy. It only took me a split second to get it. Installing it also went fast, it took just over 10 seconds, to be more exact. Depending on the specs of your computer, it can go faster or a little slower for you. One thing is sure: it works fast and anyone can easily do it. After installing the tool, in case you don’t already have them, the program will ask you to install Apple drivers. Again, this is extremely easy to complete, without any special skills required. The drivers are necessary for IOTransfer 3 to be able to recognize your device. Once all this is completed, you can go forward and really enjoy what the program can offer.

After having the IOTransfer 3 installed on your device, you can start managing your content more easily. The tool allows users to seamlessly transfer their music from their computer to their gadget (iPhone or iPad) and vice-versa. With IOTransfer 3, users can not only transfer photos, audio files, video files, they can also get a safe back up of their contacts. We all know how frustrating it is to lose all your contacts. IOTransfer 3 can prevent this from happening again. Also, users don’t need to stop at transferring their files, they can also easily manage them with the help of this tool. Deleting and moving photos and other files into folders is a lot easier to do on a computer than doing it in the apps we have on our smartphones. Naturally, it is also more efficient.

Besides allowing users to seamlessly transfer data from their iOS devices to their computers and from their PC to their gadgets, IOTransfer 3 also allows them to clean up junk files and clear cache. This will definitely help the devices perform better and a little faster. Who wouldn’t want that? Up until now, IOTransfer 3 sounds like a regular iPhone transfer tool, doesn’t it? However, it has some features other managers don’t offer, like the video downloader and converter. As its name suggests, this feature enables users not only to easily download videos from streaming services like Youtube, Facebook, and such, it will also instantly convert these videos to other formats for you. IOTransfer also allows users to convert Heic to JPG easily. With IOTransfer’s Youtube video downloader you can easily download videos to your iOS devices, or to your computer and then transfer them. Whichever works best for you.

To be honest, IOTRansfer 3 might just be the best iPhone and iPad manager apart from iTunes. Of course, the best way to benefit from all it has to offer is to buy the paid for version. The 7-day trial is a nice way to see what you get for your money, and you will most likely be convinced before it even expires. The tool is extremely useful and it can save a lot of time for all iOS fans when transferring their content to their computers. In case you own an iPhone or an iPad you should really give it a go. Be warned! You might use it on a daily basis before you know it.



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IOTRansfer 3 might just be the best tool of its kind. Everyone should at least try the trial version.

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