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Samsung Galaxy S8 February 26 Launch Confirmed by Tipster

Samsung is definitely not having the time of their lives, given the major problems the company faced ever since the release of the Galaxy Note 7. It was rumored that in order to redeem itself, the tech giant will release the Galaxy S8 early, instead of waiting for the usual Mobile World Congress unveiling in February 2017. These rumors seem to have been discarded, given the fact that @Ricciolo1, a well known Italian tipster who successfully predicted the launch date of the current Galaxy S handsets, “confirmed” that the announcement of the upcoming Galaxy S8 will take place on the 26th of February 2017.

This date falls in the period when the 2017 Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona, Spain, so it seems that Samsung won’t change their tradition and will wait for this particular congress to launch their 2017 flagships. Even though @Ricciolo1 tweeted that the launch date has been confirmed, we still have to treat this information as a rumor, given that it didn’t come through official channels. The South Korean tech giant didn’t share any information regarding the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge, so any piece of news concerning this matter is still uncertain.

It’s safe to assume that the Galaxy S8 will be at least as impressive as the Galaxy S7 that was released at the beginning of this year, probably even more powerful. It’s not likely that we will witness some major changes in the design of the handsets, but Samsung could add the iris scanner and the improved water and dust resistance of the Note 7 to the specs sheet of the upcoming devices. It is also likely that the next generation Galaxy S models will be powered by a newer processor and that they will run on Android Nougat out of the box. A change in the battery of the device is also foreseeable, given the problems the Note 7 recently had. It’s certain that Samsung will not want to go down this road again with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge. And they probably won’t, because now they know what to avoid in order not to recall all their devices.

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