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For this year’s Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep is emphasizing the importance of electrification

This week, Jeep, a Stellantis brand, had its annual off-roading and concept roadshow in Moab, Utah, and electrification was the name of the game.

The annual Easter Jeep Safari is held in Moab, Utah, and this week the Jeep brand and Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) by Mopar unveiled seven prototypes, four of which are electric. The Easter Jeep Safari is not put on by Jeep. Still, the business uses the yearly event to show off a few concept cars to give the public (and the media) a glimpse of what’s to come. Was there to put each one through its paces in a simulated off-road setting.

Although the concept cars included a wide range of engine configurations, the many plug-in hybrid and battery-electric options were hard to miss. But the Jeep Scrambler 392 concept, powered by a 6.4-liter HEMI V-8 and modeled after the Jeep Scrambler (CJ-8), the company’s first convertible small truck, was also difficult to miss.

Magneto 3.0


The Jeep Magneto 3.0, the latest iteration of a battery-electric concept car called the “Electric Concept Vehicle,” was the electric show stopper.

Last year’s Magneto 2.0 showcased a 70 kWh battery pack evenly distributed between the vehicle’s center and its back, as well as an 800-volt electrical design. The new motor, which uses an axial flux electric motor and an inverter adapted from racing cars to convert DC electricity to AC, reached speeds of up to 5,250 revolutions per minute. The Jeep Wrangler Magneto Concept 2.0 was famous for its six-speed manual transmission and propulsion system, both of which could keep up a peak amperage of 600 A for 10 seconds. The final product was able to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only two seconds while delivering 850 pound-feet (1,152 Nm) of torque to the wheels.

Jeep upgrades the Magneto 3.0 with a more efficient motor, increasing the torque output, and other features. The third iteration keeps a key feature, the manual transmission.

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