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Samsung announces “News” with bespoke feeds and daily briefings

Samsung launched a “Samsung News” app today that provides daily news from multiple publications. The software, which will replace “Samsung Free,” features personalised news feeds and morning and evening briefings on important news.

Samsung Free, which provides news, podcasts, live TV, and games, will become Samsung News. Like Apple News, the updated app only covers news and podcasts, unlike Samsung Free.

Samsung News provides material from Axios, CNN, Fortune, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Reuters, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, and others. Samsung promises more news outlets in the app.

The app’s classified feeds or “Following” menu let you tailor your news feed. Samsung News provides morning and evening briefs. The company says news editors compile these briefings to give consumers the day’s major items. The app allows podcast listening.

The software resembles Apple New when opened. The app’s homepage features top news, and the bottom allows you switch between “News,” “Podcasts,” and “Following.”

Today, Samsung Free users in the U.S. will receive Samsung News. Updates to the Samsung Free app will change the icon to Samsung News today. The Samsung Galaxy Store offers the new News app for those without the Free app.

“Samsung News was designed to deliver breaking and premium news to Galaxy users in an easy-to-access format,” said Samsung Electronics VP of Product Development Avner Ronen. “We empower consumers by letting them curate their ideal news consumption experience with a swipe.”

Samsung Galaxy customers have had instant news access via the Free app, but it’s hidden and not well-known. Samsung Galaxy customers already had Google News, but today’s introduction moves Samsung closer to Apple News.


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