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Netflix launches “Black Mirror” streaming service website

Netflix is now poking fun at itself after the first episode of “Black Mirror” Season 6 went viral. Netflix launched two “Streamberry”-themed websites.

Netflix created Streamberry.tv, a replica of the fictional platform. Youareawful.com lets users submit photos for Streamberry shows.

Streamberry was featured in the first episode of “Black Mirror,” where Joan, a jaded tech company employee played by Annie Murphy, discovers her life is being replicated in a new TV show called “Joan is Awful,” starring Salma Hayek. The parody streaming service has the same interface and “Tudum” intro noise as Netflix.

The new promotional website, streamberry.tv, shows title cards with characters from previous seasons, such as Miley Cyrus’ pop star Ashley O and Daniel Kaluuya’s singing competition contestant Bing. The titles link to Netflix episodes when clicked.

Youareawful.com allows series fans to “sign up.” They enter their name and profile photo to create a poster of themselves as the star of the next “Is Awful” movie.

Like the “Black Mirror” episode, reading the fine print is crucial. Users must consent to “Netflix’s use of my image for its marketing campaign” before submitting a selfie. Netflix links to the Terms and Conditions.

In the episode, Joan’s lawyer informs her that she signed away her digital likeness when she joined Streamberry. Streamberry monitors users’ devices to create a CGI show about them.

The season’s most talked-about episode, “Joan Is Awful,” poked fun at Netflix, AI, and streaming.

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