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On September 12th, Apple will reveal the iPhone 15 to the public

The rumors were accurate again. September 12 is Apple’s next iPhone event. The company sent out invites for the event at Apple Park in Cupertino again. Spoilers: the invite has a Thanos snap-like graphic and “Wonderlust” [sic].

The big show will likely feature the iPhone 15. Given its big deal for the iPhone X, the new phone could be a big upgrade. Given the market’s trend, a little excitement could go a long way. Probably not foldable, but excitement.

Apple recently supported a California state right to repair bill. Recent support for self-repair may see the company touting the new phone’s repairability. The company’s history would change drastically, but stranger things have happened. Slimmer bezels and Dynamic Island across the line are other rumors.

The show also wins with the Apple Watch Series 9. Rumors have suggested the A15 Bionic chip and a pink addition, but few have surfaced. Do you brand Barbie? It appears that iPhone 15 will come in pink, blue, and gray.

We expect the latest iOS, macOS, and watchOs to release simultaneously. This is Apple’s second major chance to showcase the Vision Pro before its early next year launch. More information on Apple’s biggest gambit in a decade and “spatial computing” headset content will likely be revealed.

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