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The Samsung Gauss alternative to ChatGPT generates text, code, and images

Samsung Gauss, its generative AI model, was unveiled at the Samsung AI Forum 2023 a few days after OpenAI’s developer event.

Samsung Gauss Language, Code, and Image are three tools developed by Samsung Research.

The large language model, Samsung Gauss Language, can answer ChatGPT questions and understand human language. It boosts productivity in several ways. You can write and edit emails, summarize documents, and translate languages with it. Samsung plans to add the large language model to its phones, laptops, and tablets to make them smarter. Samsung’s spokesperson wouldn’t say if it supports English and Korean as interaction languages.

The Samsung Gauss Code and code.i code assistant focus on development code. Samsung Gauss Code claims to speed up code writing. The Samsung AI code model will support “code description and test case generation through an interactive interface.”

Samsung Gauss Image will generate and edit images. For instance, it can convert low-resolution images to high-resolution ones.

According to Samsung, Gauss is currently only used internally but will be available to the public “in the near future.” The timeline was not provided by the company. Local media reports that Samsung will release the Galaxy S24 with generative AI in 2024.

Samsung also has an AI Red Team that monitors security and privacy issues from data collection to AI development to ensure AI ethics-based safety.

“We will continue to support and collaborate with the industry and academia on generative AI research,” said Samsung Research Global AI Center executive vice president Daehyun Kim at the AI forum.

Samsung Gauss is named after Carl Friedrich Gauss, whose normal distribution theory underpins AI and machine learning.

After its internal data leak earlier this year, Samsung temporarily banned generative AI tools on company-owned devices, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, seven months ago.

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