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Officially, Evernote will limit free users to 50 notes

After testing a free plan with one notebook and 50 notes for limited users, Evernote made it its default free plan days later. The notetaking app said this change will apply to new and existing free users starting December 4.

Evernote stated on its blog that users can delete notebook content to add more within the limit.

“Evernote Free changed on December 4. From now on, free users can have 50 notes and one notebook. Users can delete unnecessary notes and notebooks, according to the company, which is based in Milan.

Users with over 50 notes in their free accounts can export notes and notebooks. Evernote announced on its blog that its compare plans page will reflect these restrictions on December 4, but it did not specify if other plan limits or pricing will change.

Evernote told its website this week that the new limited-free plan was being tested with “less than 1% of its free users.” The test tried to get people to pay $14.99 and $17.99 per month for higher-limit plans.

The company said most free users are below the new limit. Evernote acknowledged that this change may cause customers to “reconsider” their “relationship with Evernote.”

After acquiring Evernote in November 2022, Bending Spoons laid off 129 people in February 2023. A spokesperson told that the notetaking app had “been unprofitable for years, and the situation was unsustainable in the long term.”

After becoming CEO in 2018, Ian Smalls led Evernote to $100 million in recurring revenue, but the app has fallen behind Notion.

For alternatives, Notion, Microsoft OneOne, and Zoho Notebook offer generous free tiers.

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