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Musk says X will soon bring video to Spaces

Musk says X, formerly Twitter, will add video to Spaces, its live audio chat feature. Musk claimed X will launch the feature by year’s end, “certainly by early next year.”

Musk said SpaceX is adding video as a feature. It’ll be easy to turn the video on or off.”

If there are multiple speakers in a Spaces session, Musk said, the video feed will switch to the current speaker, like Google Meet or other video conferencing platforms.

Watching body language while speaking can be helpful. If they want to show their face and body language, Musk said.

By adding video to Spaces, X hopes to help users engage with their audience on the social network without using a third-party platform.

Over the summer, X added live video broadcasting. The feature resembles Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

Spaces, released in 2021, competed with Clubhouse, which became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Musk has only renamed Twitter Spaces to X Spaces since taking over the social network. Musk and X want to expand Spaces beyond audio-only conversations.

Musk announced the news yesterday at a Spaces session with controversial figures Andrew Tate, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Alex Jones. Following a user poll, the Tesla CEO reinstated Alex Jones’ account and hosted the Spaces session. Jones is known for spreading Sandy Hook conspiracies, which killed 28 people.

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