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Instagram has introduced its marketplace to facilitate connections between marketers and artists in 8 more countries

Instagram announced today the expansion of its marketplace platform to facilitate connections between companies and artists for paid collaborations or advertisements in eight more countries. This marketplace will expand to encompass Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil.

The business initiated trials of this technology in the United States in 2022. It has subsequently onboarded “thousands” of artists and companies. Last year, the social media business introduced API tools for creator outreach and building briefs and encouraged agencies to use the platform.

Meta said that in addition to launching the platform in eight countries, it would also facilitate Chinese export businesses to collaborate with producers from other nations.

In the next weeks, the business will extend invitations to brands and artists to join the marketplace in eight more locations. Marketers may collaborate with artists for a paid partnership or a partnership ad, enabling marketers to promote organic content as advertisements.

Creators may showcase their work and specify relevant businesses and interests by accessing the platform via the professional dashboard in the Instagram app.

Meta assists companies in connecting with suitable artists for specific marketing campaigns on the marketplace using its machine learning technology. Companies have the option to manually search for creators and use filters based on creator and audience categories, as well as ad experience, to narrow down the results.

Creators will find all requests and interactions with businesses started via the marketplace in a new section on Instagram named “Partnership messages.” They may also examine the specifics of the marketing campaign inside the app.

Competitors of Instagram, such as Snap, YouTube, and TikTok, provide creator marketplace features. In addition, several firms are attempting to address the issue of linking brands with artists. Catch+Release, supported by Accel, assists marketers in finding licensable content more effectively. Agentio has secured $4.25 million in initial investment financing from Craft Ventures and AlleyCorp. The company has developed a platform to streamline the process of YouTubers selling ad spots in their videos. Breaker links musical labels and artists with influencers to conduct promotional campaigns, with investors including Marc Benioff, a16z/TxO, former Tik Tok CEO Kevin Mayer, and RGA Ventures.

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